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Penfolds launches space-themed brand campaign

Penfolds is venturing into the unexpected and visually powerful world of space exploration with the launch of the brand’s first global brand thematic – ‘Venture Beyond’.

Penfolds Chief Marketing Officer Kristy Keyte said: “The introduction of ’Venture Beyond’ as our global thematic is a strategic shift for Penfolds from ‘fine wine’ brand to ‘global luxury icon’. A logical next step following the introduction of our Meet Extraordinary communications platform in 2020 – ‘Venture Beyond’ personifies our innovative spirit and desire to push the boundaries through self-belief.”

In late April, Penfolds will launch a personalised gifting experience – the unique AR experience will allow consumers to send a personalised message with their gift. Each limited edition product gift box will feature a QR code linking to the AR experience. The platform will provide consumers the ability to create and attach a virtual personalised message to their Penfolds wine or follow links to view Penfolds content.

To bring the space thematic to life, Australian illustrator Jason Solo interpreted the ‘Venture Beyond’ concept in a playful, luxurious way – using his refined style full of intricate detail, paired with striking colour palettes and dynamism.

Developed in partnership with Manchester-based creative agency LOVE, ‘Venture Beyond’ is an omnichannel global execution with touchpoints including packaging, point of sale, digital, experiential and events. Inspiring, unexpected and infinitely sharable, ‘Venture Beyond’ will leverage themes centered around space exploration, daring to go where other wine brands have never gone before.

LOVE Executive Creative Director David Palmer said: “The territory of space exploration resonated with the core values we identified in Penfolds – daring, pioneering, boundary pushing, inspiring – and provided a platform for global consumers to interact with Penfolds in a new and exciting way. We hope consumers will be over the moon when experiencing each touchpoint.”

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