Capital Brewing Co. goes 100% carbon neutral

Canberra-based Capital Brewing Co. has become the first brewery in Australia to be certified carbon neutral under the Federal Government Climate Active certification for both its entire organisation and all its products.

In addition to the certification, the team have spearheaded the development of a template that will allow other breweries to easily calculate their own carbon emissions and provide a streamlined pathway with a reduced administrative cost, to reduce and offset their emissions and gain Carbon Neutral certification.

Created in partnership with carbon and energy management experts Pangolin Associates and Climate Active, the template is set to be a game changer for the industry helping other breweries to do their bit and become more sustainable.

“With sustainability being at the core of every decision we make, we’re incredibly proud to be recognised by Climate Active as the first brewery in Australia to be certified Carbon Neutral for our entire operations, all our products, and all direct and indirect emissions we’ve created,” co-founder and Managing Director Tom Hertel said.

“There is often the expectation that becoming carbon neutral is restrictive, laborious and expensive. However, with the easy-to-use framework and urgent need to act, we’re calling on our fellow brewers to get on board and, together as an industry,
let’s lead the way for real action on climate change.”

Capital Brewing Co. engaged with Pangolin Associates in 2021 to conduct a life cycle assessment of its entire operations covering all of Capital Brewing’s direct, indirect, upstream, and downstream activities from raw materials such as aluminium, grain and hops, to energy and water use, waste, freight, staff commuting, and even every piece of paper used in its offices.

After the results were independently audited and verified, Capital Brewing Co. purchased internationally certified carbon credits with the Orana Natural Capital Project to offset Capital Brewing Co.’s CO2 emissions emitted during FY20/21.

Climate Active’s Director of Strategy and Engagement Dan Sheedy said: “The Capital Brewing Co. team have shown immense dedication to embodying a truly sustainable operation and we’re proud to have them onboard as the first brewery in the country to become carbon neutral certified for their entire operations and all of their products. The Capital Brewing Co Climate Active certification and development of the blueprint is a testament to their commitment to making real change within the brewing industry and protecting the environment for future generations.”

Co-founder and Managing Director Laurence Kain said: “We all have a responsibility to look after our surroundings, and it is widely accepted that our society needs to work quickly to avoid irreversible, catastrophic changes to our environment. We are choosing to provide our customers the option to continue to enjoy an ice cold beer in the knowledge that it’s not warming the planet and in doing so, aim to inspire change throughout the brewing industry.”

Capital Brewing Co. has implemented numerous energy, water, waste and chemical reduction strategies and processes across its operations. This includes initiatives such as 100% renewable electricity at the brewery, the diversion of 709 tonnes annually of spent grain, hops, and yeast to an organic farm, and a new water-cooled refrigerant plant with low GWP (global warming potential) refrigerant. Initiatives currently in development to further improve environmental performance include an automated Clean-In-Place system to recycle water and chemicals used to clean brewery vessels multiple times, and the transition to an all electric vehicle fleet.

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