Australia’s best gluten-free breweries

Australia brews some of the world’s most delicious beers and it’s nice to know that gluten-free options aren’t left out. If you have been diagnosed with celiac disease or if you are just trying to reduce your gluten intake, you can still enjoy excellent options from some of Australia’s finest breweries.

But before we get into our favourite selections, let’s answer some important questions about gluten-free beer.

What is a gluten-free beer?

A gluten-free beer is any beer that was brewed using only gluten-free products.

What are gluten-reduced beers?

A gluten-reduced beer is one that is initially brewed with gluten, but to which a special enzyme is later added to reduce the gluten. These beers have less gluten than regular alternatives, but do still have traces of the substance.

What are dedicated gluten-free beers?

These are beers brewed using 100% gluten-free ingredients within 100% gluten-free facilities.

Who needs gluten-free beer?

People who need gluten-free beer (or gluten-free diets in general) essentially fall into two categories: people with coeliac disease, and people who have chosen to eliminate or reduce gluten intake due to sensitivity or dietary priorities.

People with coeliac disease cannot eat or drink anything with gluten because it triggers an immune response that can cause damage to their small intestine. A feature on celiac disease by SymptomFind explains that while there is no actual cure for coeliac disease, adopting a gluten-free diet is a way of managing the condition –– and in fact, it is a necessity for people who have been diagnosed with the disease. If a gluten-free diet is not followed, they risk being exposed to complications like abdominal pains and severe malabsorption.

People who make a personal decision to eliminate or reduce gluten intake typically do so either because they have some sensitivity to gluten (without actually having coeliac disease) or because they believe gluten to be unhealthy. Deadline identifies digestive health and weight control as some of the factors people tend to consider when voluntarily surrendering gluten.

Now that we’ve covered those questions, let’s look at some of the top breweries in Australia for gluten-free options.

Two Bays Brewing Co.

Two Bays Brewing Co. was the very first dedicated gluten-free brewery in Australia. In 2015, Richard Jeffares found out he had celiac disease and decided to change his diet accordingly. Of course, he missed drinking a nice craft beer, so he decided to brew his own and eventually founded the Two Bays Brewing Company. Today, the brewery offers a variety of delicious gluten-free beers. Try out the pale ale –– you won’t be disappointed!

Hahn Brewery

In 1998, Dr. Charles “Chuck” Hahn established the Hahn Brewery in the suburb of Camperdown in Sydney, New South Wales. Today, the establishment brews one of the best gluten-free beers on the market: The Hahn Ultra Crisp is a low-carb lager brewed using rice (instead of wheat or barley) that gives a unique clean and crisp finish.

Billabong Brewing

In 1993, Billabong Brewing started as Australia’s first “Brew On Premise” company. Located in Myaree, Perth, the brewery offers a full range of beers, including its famous gluten-free options: Australia’s Pale Ale, Blonde Ale, Neipa, and Ginger Beer. Visitors can also check out Billabong’s cool “Brew on Premises facility” and take part in brewing classes.

Wilde Beer

Wilde beer is made using a state-of-the-art five-vessel brewhouse with all natural ingredients. The company only uses premium-quality hops in its brew, without any additives, preservatives, added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Wilde also makes use of 100% pure white sorghum grain, producing a gluten- and preservative-free beer. For a delicious easy drink with tropical fruit flavours, try the Gluten Free Pale Ale.

New look for Wilde & Mornington Peninsula beer ranges

Wild Polly Brewing Co.

Wild Polly Brewing Co. is a family-owned place run by a husband-and-wife team with extensive farming experience. The company’s beers are crafted locally in Canberra via the family’s own secret recipes using the best Australian-grown grains –– using what Canberra Weekly referred to as a “paddock to pint” philosophy. For a cold, fresh, hand-crafted drink, try the Gluten Free Pale Ale.

By Karter Rowan

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