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Captain Morgan releases Coconut and Watermelon

Captain Morgan Tropical is back with a new flavour: Coconut and Watermelon. The spirit blends coconut and hints of sweet watermelon with notes of spices, which combine to leave a clean finish and fruity aftertaste.

Tropical Coconut and Watermelon is available in both a ready-to-drink can mixed with soda, as well as a full spirit bottle. Diageo launched Captain Morgan Tropical in Australia in March 2021.

Diageo Marketing Manager Maddy Stockwell said: “We created Captain Morgan Tropical Coconut and Watermelon to give Aussies another delicious taste of the tropics to enjoy the tropical vibes all year long. We are thrilled to offer different flavour-packed options of our Original Spiced Rum, with both Tropical Mango and Pineapple and now the new Tropical Coconut and Watermelon in both versatile ready to drink and spirit options.”

Captain Morgan is the third biggest selling rum in the world, while spiced rum is one of the fastest-growing spirit categories in Australia.

Tropical Coconut and Watermelon is available to purchase from all leading liquor stores across Australia. The 700ml (ABV 30%) bottle is $45 (RRP), and 330ml pre-mixed 4-pack (ABV 4.5%) is $22 (RRP).

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