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Saintly releases low-sugar canned cocktails

Australia’s biggest independent seltzer brand, Saintly Beverage Co, has just launched a new low-sugar canned cocktails under the label  iZZ! cocktail company.

Unlike other traditional cocktails, the iZZ range has a lower alcohol volume at 4%, while being created using premium spirits and natural ingredients. 

The two new sparkling canned cocktails are:

  • Watermelon Margarita, inspired by Aussie adoration for Margaritas and watermelon, this cocktail combines both.
  • Passionfruit Mojito, a natural blend of rum, passionfruit, lime and mint.

The new iZZ! range comes in white cans with silver detailing, each labelled with a bright yellow or a soft green.

Saintly Beverage Co co-founder Kieron Barton said: “With the global canned cocktail market having grown significantly in the last two years and forecasted to increase dramatically, we are so excited to launch iZZ! into the cocktail mix. We are proud to have created such a delicious tasting drink that is perfect to accompany a laid back session, and is lower carb, lower cal and low sugar.”

You’ll find iZZ! in all Dan Murphy’s and BWS across the country, available in a four pack for $25 or a 12 pack for $65. For more information, head to:

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