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Hard FIZZ creates bespoke seltzers for businesses

Hard FIZZ has launched an initiative that allows other businesses to invent their own signature seltzers and have them canned at its FIZZ HQ on the Gold Coast.

The company can then produce as much bespoke seltzer as the business requires, either to be given out to its clients or associates, or simply enjoyed by those who came up with it.

Cult Gold Coast fashion line Alfred’s Apartment is the first to take up the opportunity to invent its own flavour – Cherry and Vanilla – with the first batch of about 4000 cans now filled, labelled and boxed.

“It’s unbelievable – it really looks and tastes like something you’d buy from a bottle shop,” Alfred’s owner Ed Hatcher said.

“It started off as a bit of a joke but here we are with our very own Alfred’s Hard FIZZ and I love it. I’m tempted to drink it all myself but we’ll see who gets a can or two.”

The move to start collaborating with other businesses is one Hard FIZZ has been planning for a while.

The brand expects the initiative may be embraced by companies wanting to make an event or function – such as a Christmas party – all the more memorable for guests by serving its own, specially branded Hard FIZZ.

The experience involves working closely with Hard FIZZ’s head brewer to mix and match different extracts to achieve a unique flavour.

“We just thought this was a great way to connect with other businesses and let them give this seltzer gig a go,” Hard FIZZ ‘Buzz Generator’ Joel Scott said.

“The possibilities really are endless when it comes to what flavours you can come up with. Paul, our head brewer, mocks it up and puts on a lab coat for a bit of fun but you literally walk away with some real Hard FIZZ that you can’t buy anywhere.”

Hard seltzer is on an exponential growth rate at the moment, with the global market predicted to hit $70 billion by 2028.

Fears Australia wouldn’t embrace hard seltzer have been well and truly laid to rest by the latest data from IRI, which shows the category has grown a whopping 282% over the last year.

The US phenomenon has become a $210million category in Australia, taking a 16% of the share of the long-established light RTD category.

IRI is bullish about the future prospects for seltzer – it predicts sales in Australia will hit $300 million by 2025.

Hard FIZZ was founded on the Gold Coast in 2020 by local celebrities DJ Paul Fisher and his podcaster wife Chloe, fellow DJs Tigerlily and Brooke Evers, professional surfers Laura Enever and Nikki Van Dijk and TV chef, Hayden Quinn.

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