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FELLR launches two non-alc flavours

FELLR has launched FELLR FREE, a non-alc version of its natural, gluten-free seltzer just in time for Dry July.

The FELLR team say the unique taste and mouthfeel that’s come to distinguish FELLR from its counterparts hasn’t been lost. FELLR FREE is also sugar free, carb free and has only 10 calories per can. It’s available in two flavours, Watermelon and a brand-new inclusion to the line-up, Mango.

ELLR Co-Founder Will Morgan said: “We’ve used our custom fermentation method and unique yeast, to brew, ferment and blend this product to create a truly refreshing and low-calorie beverage.”

With a shift in Australian’s drinking habits, people are more conscious about what they’re consuming, particularly within the younger generation. A recent study by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare showed around 400,000 people gave up alcohol between 2016 and 2019.

Morgan said: “Compound this with the change in people’s habits changing through COVID lockdowns, seeing a larger focus on mental health and clarity, and it’s clear why the non-alc space has really hit its stride across numerous categories. People are cool with taking a break from alcohol these days, something we totally get behind.”

FELLR Co-Founder Andy Skora added: “At FELLR, innovation is a core pillar of what we do, so we’re always keen to push the bar in multiple categories, and non-alc is something we saw really complimented our core range. It’s the same great FELLR taste our drinkers love, but without the alcohol and a fraction of the calories! We’ve already seen the overwhelming customer need for light, refreshing, low calorie alcoholic beverages, so we expect see huge opportunity for great tasting, guilt free, non-alcoholic pre-mixes in this space.”

FELLR FREE is available nationwide at RRP 4 pack of 330ml $16 from selected stores and online at Boozebud and VOLY.

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