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Gravity Seltzer Co. launches Australia-first flavour

One of Australia’s newest beverage companies, Gravity Seltzer Co. has launched a unique tropical seltzer flavour – Kiwi and Guava.

The drink combines the sweetness of guava with the refreshing tartness of kiwi. Most Australian hard seltzers are made with vodka, gin or other spirits, but Gravity Seltzer Co uses traditional beer brewing methods, with the aim of producing a smoother flavour and minimising sugar content.

The result is a hard seltzer that contains just 1g of sugar, 2g of carbs and only 91 calories per 330ml can.

Gravity Seltzer Co. co-founder and General Manager Liam Battye (below) said: “Kiwi fruit and guava are staples to the Aussie fruit diet. We wanted people to feel the tropics and the islands through the Aussie winter, and into spring and summer, so we
created an awesome unique flavour not done before.”

Kiwi and Guava is the fourth vegan seltzer in the Gravity Seltzer Co. range. It joins flavours including Melon (92 calories), ginger (94 calories), and a zero alcohol blood orange flavour (12 calories).

The team behind Gravity Seltzer Co is a mix of drinks industry experts, eCommerce gurus, professional athletes and influencers.

Among the famous faces involved are professional surfer Cooper Chapman, freestyle motocross expert and X Games medallist Harry Bink, eight times wakeboard world champion Harley Clifford, Ironman Matt Poole, elite fitness star Jenna Louise and Ironwoman Courtney Hancock.

Gravity Seltzer Co. Kiwi and Guava launches in bars on 30 July 2022 and in stores on 5 August 2022. Shoppers can choose between a four-pack of 330ml seltzers or a 16-can case of seltzers at independent liquor stores, BWS and Dan Murphy’s.

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