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Sit Stay Society releases 750ml range

Sit Stay Society Wines is graduating from little pups with the release of its new Big Dog range of wines.

The new range of Sit Stay Society Wines features a selection of pooches on the label and full-flavoured wine varieties while continuing its support of animal welfare organisation PetRescue.

Following the initial launch of Sit Stay Society’s half bottle wine range in 2020, the new 750ml formats donate 50c from every bottle purchased to PetRescue to work towards a future where every pet is safe, respected and loved. To date, Sit Stay Society has raised more than $200,000 for PetRescue.

PetRescue’s data over the last two years highlights that dogs of bigger breeds take 58% longer than small dogs to find a new home once they arrive in shelters or foster care. The new Big Dog range from Sit Stay Society emphasises the importance of supporting organisations like PetRescue to educate and engage pet seekers about the joys of bringing a big dog home as a family pet.

“PetRescue has grown to be an immensely helpful tool for connecting shelters and rescue organisations with people looking to adopt a pet The support of Sit Stay Society Wines ensures we can continue to invest in technology that gets pets into homes faster, and reduces the stress on rescue organisations while disrupting and innovating the system through initiatives like our Home2Home program,” said Vickie Davy, PetRescue Founder and Director.

“Big dogs currently spend longer in shelters than smaller dogs, which is a difficult environment for a pet to be in. We are excited to extend our partnership with Sit Stay Society Wines and to encourage people to concider adopting big dogs!”

The new range includes two reds from the Langhorne Creek: Sigurd’s Shiraz 2021 and Teddy’s Tempranillo 2021 and Chester’s Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 from the Adelaide Hills.

“We are excited to grow the Sit Stay Society range with these new Big Dog releases. The wines have as much charm as the adorable dogs on the label and showcase a wide array of full-bodied flavours and varieties that wine and dog lovers will both enjoy,” said Ben Lafford, Category Manager – Red Wine, Fortified & Cellar.

“It’s wonderful to see the impact the funds from Sit Stay Society Wines have had at PetRescue. We are thrilled to continue this incredible partnership and hope to see more and more big furry friends find their forever home through PetRescue.”

The Sit Stay Society Big Dog range will be available in store and online at Dan Murphy’s (RRP $15.99). For more information, visit

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