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Aberfeldy whisky recently hosted bartenders to an educational day out thanks to The Urban Beehive Sydney, where they learned how honey is made, the types of honey available in Australia, conservation, why bees are important and how to use honey in cocktails.

Following their experience, the bartenders headed back to their venues with their new found knowledge and supply of local honey to experiment and get creative. 

Their task was to put their spin on the Aberfeldy classics – the Hot Toddy and the Golden Dram – and the delicious results are are available across Sydney for the month of August. 

Aberfeldy whisky is known for delivering honeyed richness and is known as The Golden Dram, as its water source is the famous Pitilie Burn, renowned for its water quality and famed for its deposits of alluvial gold.

“Just like honey, Aberfeldy whisky is available across the world,” said Hayley Loveridge, Aberfeldy Brand Manager. “Urban beehives are thriving across Australia and we are proud to partner with local producers, incorporating delicious tasting honey which is unique to cities into Aberfeldy cocktails.”

Cocktails will be on offer to consumers during August with Aberfeldy making a donation for each cocktail sold
going to the Wheen Bee Foundation, an Australian bee charity that promotes the importance of bees for food
security, and raises funds for research that addresses the national and global threats to bees.

Head into the following venues and enjoy their Aberfeldy cocktails …

Aria – Paredes

Drawing inspiration from the Paredes de Coura festival in Portugal, Aria has created a cacao butter
infused Aberfeldy 12 year old paired with Urban Beehive Sydney Honey, Orange Blossom syrup and
oat milk, finished with a dash of vanilla oil. Parendes is available at Aria during August.

Burrow Bar – Golden Tower

Golden Tower is a riff on the French 75. Topped with sparkling wine, a long, modern classic compliments the
honey notes of Aberfeldy with a hint of orange.

Hickson House – Miso Honey

Miso Honey (pictured main) is a sweet and savoury riff of an Old Fashioned. Inspired by the honey notes in Aberfeldy 12 year old they crafted a drink that really allows the orange and Urban Beehive Inner West honey to both shine.

Jolene’s & Nola – Bittersweet

Jolene’s (above) and Nola have combined forces to create a twist on the classic Penicillin, this cocktail blends Mezcal and Chartreuse with Aberfeldy 12 year old, leaving a spiced and citrus forward drink aptly named Bittersweet.

Rosie Campbell’s – Olden Goldie

The calming characteristics of the mandarin & chamomile tea syrup play with both the honey notes in Aberfeldy
12 year old and the Urban Beehive Bondi honey to create a complex and soothing whisky drink.

Smoke Bar – Bee-side

Smoke Bar at Barangaroo House created the Bee-side – a twist on a Red Hook. Stirred down, textual, and floral. The Urban Beehive Sydney honey adds notes of umami giving the drink body.

Sofitel Darling Harbour – Smoked Apple Tart

Apple meets the honey notes of Aberfeldy 12 year old in the Taste Aux Pomme “Smoked Apple Tart” cocktail from the Sofitel in Darling Harbour.


Stitch has reinvented the whisky cocktail and delivered a long and refreshing number that could be confused for a pint, served with a side of dark chocolate.

The Bank

The Bank crafted a classic hot toddy featuring Aberfeldy 12 year old paired perfectly with the Urban Beehive honey collection.

The Baxter Inn – Smokey Joe’s

Leading into the colder months, The Baxter Inn created a spiced driven cocktail, focusing on a bigger, richer
flavours with a strong secondary citrus focus. Head in to enjoy the Smokey Joe’s cocktail today.

The Doss House – Heather n’ Leather Highball

The Doss House was also inspired by the Urban Beehive initiative, creating a highball honouring the honey
production process through a tall, refreshing winter highball.

The Duke of Clarence – Hot Toddy

The Duke of Clarence has crafted the Hot Toddy with their spiced honey mix. This cocktail blends together Inner
West honey from the Urban Beehive with fennel seeds, peppercorn, cinnamon, star anise, clove, rosemary, lemon and orange peel with a warming hint of ginger.

The Swinging Cat – The Copper Queen

The Copper Queen by The Swinging Cat is a classic with a chocolate twist. An Old Fashioned with primary notes of the honey in Aberfeldy 12 year old, paired with chocolate and orange citrus.

Zushi – The Honey Helper

The Honey Helperis tall, refreshing and sweetened with The Urban Beehive Sydney honey. This highball is perfect
to sip on in the winter sun. Enjoy at both Zushi Barangaroo and Zushi Surry Hills.

Aberfeldy’s Barrels & Bees initiative launches in Australia

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