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Hard FIZZ launches into Liquorland for summer

Queensland hard seltzer brand Hard FIZZ has been ranged at more than 850 First Choice Liquor Market and Liquorland stores around the country.

Hard seltzers are a rapidly growing segment for First Choice Liquor Market and Liquorland, according to Mia Lloyd, Coles Liquor General Manager of Customer Loyalty, Trade Planning and Insights.

“We’ve expanded our selection of seltzers in recent years to include a number of locally made beverages and we’re very excited to add Hard FIZZ to our selection,” she said.

Hard FIZZ CEO Wade Tiller said: “People are absolutely loving Hard FIZZ so being ranged in First Choice Liquor Market and Liquorland is great news for all our fans.

“There’s obviously a very ‘fun’ aspect to Hard FIZZ – and that’s driven by our celebrity owners and what consumers are latching onto – but it’s also a serious business operation, and this just proves it.”

The Coles Liquor and Hard FIZZ partnership comes with an exclusive ranging period on the brand’s newest release, FIZZ X Energy, which adds natural caffeine to its ‘better for you’ flavours, starting with Grape and Strawberry.

“FIZZ X Energy is an invention of our Gold Coast brewery, FIZZ HQ,” Tiller said. “We only use it to produce small batches of experimental flavours but if people like them on tap, that’s when we started making commercial quantities of them.

“It allows us to essentially ‘focus group’ our own blends and FIZZ X is absolutely a product of that.”

Strawberry and Grape is the world’s first hard seltzer to include natural caffeine as an ingredient.

The Coles Liquor deal underscores what has been a rapid rise for the celebrity-backed, Queensland-based company,
which has achieved $10 million dollars in sales since its launch in 2020.

Hard FIZZ was founded by local celebrities DJ Paul Fisher and his podcaster wife Chloe, fellow DJs Tigerlily and Brooke Evers, professional surfers Laura Enever and Nikki Van Dijk and TV chef, Hayden Quinn.

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