CUB creates new Fruity Beer category

CUB has released a new type of beer as drinkers increasingly look for sweeter and lower bitterness alcoholic drinks. The Sungazer Fruity Beer range hits shelves this week, with flavours including Watermelon, Mango and Strawberry & Lime.

The new type of flavoured beer comes as drinkers’ palates change, tapping into consumers increasingly enjoying wine, RTDs or seltzers instead of classic Aussie lagers.

New data from Roy Morgan’s Alcohol Consumption Report shows a record number of people are consuming RTDs each month.

Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine said: “A deeper look into the RTD market in Australia shows the increasing popularity of seltzers over the last few years is continuing to drive the increasing consumption of RTDs generally. ‘Hard seltzers’ began to hit the Australian market in significant numbers in 2019, just before the pandemic struck, and these newer alcoholic products are still attracting an increasing array of customers.”

CUB GM Marketing Nicole McMillan said: “Cold beer is synonymous with the Australian way of life. Drinkers have told us they love the tradition of enjoying a beer with mates but increasingly want sweeter flavours and low bitterness in their beverages. Fruity Beer, our new category of flavoured beer, delivers on this. We want to transform the beer market by creating a new beer category and a new demographic of beer lovers.”

“We know purists might be outraged by the idea of a flavoured brew like Fruity Beer, but they need not be concerned. Beers such as Victoria Bitter, Carlton Draught and our other beloved brands remain incredibly popular and aren’t going anywhere.”

Fruity Beer’s major ingredients are malted barley, hops, yeast, and water, just like regular tasting beer. However, CUB has spent 18 months conducting extensive consumer research and investing in modern technology to brew an easy-drinking, fruity tasting beer that has a short, lager-like finish on the palate.

The Fruity Beer range also includes Empire, a low-sugar option available in Strawberry & Lime flavour or Orange & Mango flavour.

“Fruity Beer is a ground-breaking innovation that will help CUB and bottleshops keep pace with evolving consumer tastes,” McMillan said.

“We are committed to growing the beer category in Australia and creating value for our retail partners. Fruity Beer will help us do this by exciting consumers.

“Historically, brewers helped create the stereotype that beer is a ‘blokey’ drink. But Fruity Beer, our new category of flavoured beer, will help transcend these traditional demographics and prove there’s a beer for every drinker.

Ben Kizny Gordon, Category Manager – Beer & Cider at Liquor Marketing Group, which includes major bottleshops such as Bottlemart and Sip’n’Save stores, said the launch of Fruity Beer was extremely exciting for the Australian beer market.

“The research is clear. Tastes are changing and there is an opportunity to bring more consumers into the beer category with an easier drinking, less bitter and fruitier tasting beer,” he said.

“Fruity Beer is an exciting opportunity to tap into this need and is an innovation that aligns perfectly with the shoppers who frequent our members’ outlets.”

The Sungazer and Empire ranges are on sale this week at major bottleshops in 300ml cans with 4.2% ABV.

RTD consumption hits record high in Australia

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