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White Claw launches limited edition Pineapple flavour

Australia’s favourite hard seltzer, White Claw, is releasing a limited-edition Pineapple flavour this summer.

Voted the number one flavour choice in recent research, White Claw is delivering the new variant made with sparkling water, triple distilled spirit and a hint of natural pineapple – a well-known and loved Australian summer flavour.

The sessionable RTD also offers consumer a more mindful choice at the esky, at just 95 calories a can and gluten free.

Previous White Claw limited edition flavour drops have been overwhelmingly well received, with fans eager to get their hands on cans and try the new flavour ASAP. White Claw is expecting a similar response to Pineapple, with the release date set for 26 September 2022.

Brand Director Ed Jamison said: “We’re into our third year in-market this October and the last two years have seen such incredible success for the brand with over 27 million cans of White Claw sold since launch.

“We wanted to continue White Claw’s momentum over summer with a limited edition drop of Pineapple. Tropical flavours are trending at the moment and 56% of RTD drinkers say that new flavour releases are the most important factor in keeping them interested.

“We’ve heard what the people want! That’s why we’re releasing the ultimate summer flavour in White Claw Pineapple, made for long weekends, hot afternoons, sunset sessions and good times with mates all summer long.”

Limited edition Pineapple will join Mango, Watermelon, Natural Lime and Ruby Grapefruit at bottleshops at RRP$24 for four.

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