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Poor Toms re-releases cult Pina Colada Gin

Poor Toms has re-released its cult-classic Pina Colada Gin. Originally produced in 2020 as an escapist treat at the beginning of the pandemic, the innovative gin sold out of 5000 bottles within 72 hours.

After endless requests for its return, the team reimagined the spirit and have released it as a main stay to the Poor Toms product range. And this time around it’s also been joined by a Pina Colada Gin Spritz in RTD can

The classic juniper gin adds pineapple, coconut lime, pandan, nutmeg, allspice and many more flavours to the mix.

“We always loved this product. It’s something different but lets us imagine classic cocktails in an innovative and fun way,” Blumer said.

“Make no mistake this is still a gin; with that juniper backbone you would expect. But the coconut, pineapple and creamy mouthfeel is something totally different and is the kind of fun drink Poor Toms prides itself on.”

Poor Toms Head of Innovation Sean McGuire said: “I loved making this, it’s different, it’s fun and it shows what real innovation can look like. For this re-release we wanted to redevelop the liquid to showcase more of that juniper and spice backbone whilst still blowing people away with pineapple and coconut. Everyone has a different idea of what a Pina Colada is – and to think about it as a gin spirit really gets people talking.”

Poor Toms was created by Jesse Kennedy and Griffin Blumer, who started the brand as 21-year-olds in 2015 after a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. They have since watched the brand double in growth every year since inception.

Poor Toms Pina Colada Gin and Pina Colada Gin Spritz (RTD) is available nationwide in national and independent retailers.

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