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The rise of the wine ‘bagnum’

Move aside cardboardeaux, there’s a new environmentally friendly packaging trend on the block – the ‘bagnum’.

Think of it as plus-sized naked goon, the ‘wine bag meets magnum’.  Its unique design offers convenience, affordability and sustainable packaging all rolled into one.

Treasury Wine Estates is the latest company to get on the bagnum bandwagon, releasing bags of Squealing Pig Sauvignon Blanc, Squealing Pig Pinot Grigio, Wolf Blass Chardonnay, Wolf Blass Shiraz Cabernet and Wolf Blass Cabernet Sauvignon.

The drinks giant announced: “Our new 1.5 litre lightweight, easy to carry ‘magnum in a bag’ has seven times lower carbon emissions than a traditional 750ml glass bottle. It’s sealed for freshness so you can enjoy it responsibly up to 30 days after opening, meaning less waste.

“The versatile packaging will have you packing it in the esky, sharing it over a picnic, or grabbing it on the go with ease this summer!”

Accolade Wines released Cupio Pinot Noir and Dry Pinot Rose Bagnums last year in response to a growing number of consumers seeking to sip sustainably in a quest to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

The drinks giant quoted statistics that show that 58% of regular drinkers worry about climate change and try to minimise their personal impact, while 73% of Millennials will try to buy products in recyclable packaging. 

Head of Global Marketing at Accolade Wines Sandy Mayo said: “Aussies have been known to be early adopters to sustainable practices and value these as part of their purchasing choices. Sustainably focused, new and nostalgic alternatives are being well received for their lesser environmental impact. Every small step counts.”

RTD bagnum trend

Australia’s Sophisticated Cocktail Co launched RTD cocktails in stylish pouches made from recycled goon bags in 2020.

Sophisticated Cocktail Co hopes to redefine what it means to “drink consciously”. Founder Vicki Lyon created the range to offer Aussies the opportunity to imbibe while limiting the impact their drinking has on the environment.

“Aussies want convenience, innovation and practicality in their drinks,” Lyon said. “Picking on these cues, we are catering to them.”

“While researching sustainable solutions for packaging, I read a lot about the wine industry and why they were attempting to change the mindset of the consumer to buy ‘goon bags’ of wine as it was much more sustainable way to package it,” she explained.

“I thought it was an incredibly practical way to package cocktails. It would mean a larger volume than the standard bottle size, but also to keep ingredients such as lime juice fresh. The bags made more sense as the taps have a pressure flow outlet, meaning there is no oxygenation that takes place once opened, so the product stays fresher for longer.

“I walked into my local one day and saw this fabulous black pouch of wine and thought, this looks really cool. So I contacted the company who manufactures them and the rest, as they say, is history … “

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