Australia triumphs at Global Sparkling Tasting

Wine experts have praised the growing quality of locally-produced sparkling wine at the second annual Global Sparkling Tasting.

Hosted by Howard Park Wines, luminaries from across the sparkling wine category in attendance to taste and discuss Australian sparkling wine, in addition to exploring various styles from across the globe.

Panelling the extensive tasting was Howard Park’s Chief Winemaker Nic Bowen, famed House of Arras sparkling winemaker Ed Carr, and Wine Advocate critic Erin Larkin. More than 50 wine producers, media and members of the trade attended the special event, which featured four different brackets themed for attendees to explore the different corners of international and locally-made sparkling wines.

“There is a never-ending sense of exploration amongst the team at Howard Park, particularly when it comes to the craft of exceptional sparkling,” Chief Winemaker for Howard Park Wines Nic Bowen said.

“This event is an eye-opening experience into what our global peers have to offer, and acknowledges that with great viticultural sites and great winemaking there should be fantastic wines to follow. The tastings, and discussions held around them, offered an incredible platform to form new insights into the category while highlighting Australia’s place in the world of sparkling wines.”

The four brackets featured at the event included the traditional Non-Vintage, Vintage and Prestige brackets, contrasted with the rather non-traditional look at the world of Avant-Garde styles.

The 23 wines in the tasting covered 11 countries of origin, including examples from Slovenia, South Africa, Hungary and Austria – in addition to the more traditional sparkling-producing regions and Australia.

Attendee and presenter feedback from the event highlighted the importance of showing the diversity of sparkling from across the globe and the growing space for premium examples outside the Champagne region.

“The tasting further reinforced my thoughts on the expression of terroir of each of the countries and regions,” Group Sparkling Winemaker for Accolade Wines Ed Carr said.

“There are certainly many wines that have broken through the glass ceiling and have comparable quality to Champagne.”

Wine Advocate’s Erin Larkin said: “The world of sparkling is diverse, making this an important tasting. I thought the ‘Avant-Garde’ bracket was important. It provoked some good discussion and could be improved and expanded on even further next year.”

For Howard Park, the tasting forms part of the winery’s larger ambitions to showcase the Great Southern region as a premier destination for fine Australian sparkling through its Jeté collection of wines.

“At Howard Park, we are striving to contribute to the world of sparkling by assembling wines of pleasure, Tasmania has done much to bring the focus back here [Australia], but WA has just not been a part of the conversation,” Bowen said.

“The challenge is to bring Great Southern into that conversation with that regional focus, complexity and style from our wonderful Western Australian vineyards. We hope that over time the world will view Western Australia’s sparkling wines as ones that are appreciated for their regional distinction and quality.”

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