LMG’s new Bottlemart and Sip’N Save apps go live

Liquor Marketing Group’s (LMG) new Bottlemart and Sip’n Save apps have gone live, as the independent retail group works to create a mobile-first online shopping experience.

General Manager Merchandise & Marketing Damien Page said: “They present nothing short of a game changer for our members and customers. The apps offer new features and opportunities for LMG to engagement our customers in new ways.”

LMG research has revealed 88% of customers are browsing before they shop, with the Bottlemart and Sip’n Save apps responding directly to that trend by offering comprehensive search, browse, filter, sort, favourites and save features.

The apps also give opportunity to discover and learn through articles on different products – think seasonal cocktail recipes, information on different wine types and the low down on the latest craft beers.

The ‘find your store’ search function allows users to find the store that best suits their needs – delivery, click and collect or in store shopping, with each store effectively its own microsite. The shop search function has also been considerably extended to give shoppers more choice.

“This has dramatically expanded our marketing capabilities, allowing us to reach more people, more often with offers targeted to their preferences,” Page said.

Promotions and competitions remain a key feature of the brand with a scan and pre-fill entry mechanism significantly streamlined the process.

Consumers can also now shop directly from digital catalogues linked to their selected store’s pricing.

“Greater platform flexibility and enhanced features linked with our CRM have supercharged our ability to be dynamic with promotional offers and more engaging for our customers,” sai Head of Digital Marketing David

“Ecommerce is set to be a major focus for us in 2023. A 91% increase in spend sees a significant investment in digital marketing and ecommerce plans and capabilities. We currently have 234 stores on eCommerce but this development allows us to be even more far reaching so all our members can benefit from online sales and customer loyalty.”

“We’ve been using the Bottlemart online platform since its inception in 2018,” said LMG member Michael Porter, owner at Porters Plainland Hotel.

“Since then we have grown our online sales year on year and continue to see steady growth in this part of our retail business. We are excited to see the release of the latest App. The new features will only enhance sales by offering a better customer experience.”

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