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The Dolphin releases Christmas Bottled Cocktail range

The Dolphin has launched a Christmas Bottled Cocktail range featuring four unique cocktails with a festive twist: a Chocolate Negroni, Carrot Cake Negroni, Pavlova Punch and a Xmas Pudding Old Fashioned.

The mixologist behind the delicious creations is The Point Group’s Drinks Director, Joshua Reynolds, who has devised famed cocktails including the Bubble O Bill Old Fashioned.

“It was crucial to me that the ingredients found in the desserts were front and centre in the ingredients used when creating these delights. What I love about them all is they are unassuming but packed full with flavour,” Reynolds said.

“The whole concept behind these four four bottled cocktails was to take the drinker to a place they would’ve never been before. Just think, drinking liquid pavlova, Christmas pudding, carrot cake and chocolate, all the while being laced with delicious, top shelf spirits that really speak to the idea of what the cocktail actually is. That was the most important thing for me, to really highlight the flavours and nuances of the desserts themselves.

“There are some long, painstaking techniques that go into all four cocktails to achieve the desired flavours, textures, and aromas. Techniques ranging from cream washing – a technique dating back to the 1600’s, originally done with milk but cream does the same job – freeze washing spirits like the meringue into the pisco then clarifying that drip by drip through fine mesh, fat washing butter with cognac by browning off the butter and infusing it into cognac then freezing and clarifying that, using actual carrot cakes and infusing the classic recipe of a negroni for 72 hours and using four different types of chocolate to achieve the flavour of dairy milk.”

The Christmas cocktail collection is priced at $65 each or $240 for all four. Head to for more information.

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