1800 Tequila fights landfill with The Recycled Bar

1800 Tequila collaborated with Sydney-based artist and sculptor James Dive over the weekend to create The Recycled Bar in Sydney.

The installation was designed to help increase awareness and demand for the circular waste industry, while providing over 20 sustainable artists and fabricators a space to exhibit, showcase, and celebrate their work.

Australia produces 78 million tonnes of waste every year, which is set to increase by up to 50% during the festive season. The Recycled Bar was made exclusively from waste destined for landfill and designed to look as though it was pouring out of a tip truck. 

It was accompanied by locally-sourced and designed items including tables, chairs, coaters, glassware and more, which each item redirected away from landfill.

Set within the Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydneysiders could book their own cocktail and dining experience and were treated to a unique cocktail tasting, with circular waste décor, low-waste cocktails and zero-waste canapés.

1800 Tequila partnered with Clean Up Australia to bring the bar to life. Clean Up Australia champions a circular economy and educates and inspires Australians to do their part and make a difference to improve the environment.

A 1800 Tequila spokesperson said: “We wanted to create a space that showcases the very best of the circular waste economy in a way that delivers a real message in the lead-up the festive season this year.

“The Recycled Bar, by 1800 Tequila is the perfect example of how creativity can be part of the solution to the problem. Following the success of our Agave Project, which saw upcycled agave fibres used to create products like surfboards, we wanted to encourage Aussies to think about their waste in a different way – from furniture to household items to the cocktails we drink.”

Ticket sales to the unique cocktail experience with circular waste décor, low-waste cocktails and zero-waste canapés were donated to Clean Up Australia.

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