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Aussie Canadian Club campaign wins global accolade

Beam Suntory Australia’s Canadian Club and The Monkeys have taken out the prestigious Sustained Success Global Grand Effie Award for their “Who made beer the boss of summer?” campaign.

The Effie Awards are known by advertisers and agencies globally as the pre-eminent award in the industry, and recognise any and all forms of marketing that contribute to a brand’s success. 

The 2022 Global Grand Effie awards was open to 2021 Gold and Grand Effie winners from all regional and national Effie Awards programs around the world. Out of 60 Global Grand contenders, 12 emerged as Global Grand Effie winners.

Effie Worldwide global CEO Traci Alford said: “The Global Best of the Best Effies are just that. They represent the very best of our industry globally.  Not only have this year’s Global Grand winners proven themselves to be effective across Effie’s framework and achieved top recognitions locally, but they have continued to impress and inspire global juries through two competitive rounds of review, proving that their ideas transcended borders. A big congratulations to this year’s winning teams

Canadian Club and The Monkeys won for their entry “How long-term brand building led to the 3 most successful years in Canadian Club history”.

As the Effies noted: “Few brands can challenge a defining part of Australia’s cultural identity and win. And there’s nothing more Aussie than a ‘cold beer’. This is the story of the three most successful years in Canadian Club’s history, where, in the words of our distributor, sales of our pre-mixed whisky drink went “gangbusters”.  Through an unwavering commitment to a provocative strategy and consistent creative approach, Canadian Club liberated Australians from their cultural obligation to beer, with a campaign ROI of $2.96 incremental profit per $1 invested.”

Canadian Club asks “Who made beer the king of the campsite?”

This summer season, Canadian Club and The Monkeys are asking another big question – who made beer the king of the campsite?

It features camp goers admitting to their distaste for beer while abiding by the social expectation to buy a case when participating in outdoor activities, the array of excuses is interrupted by the lover of Canadian Club who says: “Who made beer king of the campsite?”

Beam Suntory Marketing Director Trent Chapman said: “The Canadian Club brand continues to grow from strength to strength, driven predominantly by our RTD range of CC & Dry and our newer CC Soda & Lime.”

“The Summer campaign is something we’re very confident will bolster our strength in the Australian market, by prompting Aussies to reconsider that very automatic behaviour of purchasing beer for great outdoor adventures.”

Canadian Club is also extending its relationship for a third year with not-for-profit initiative Empty Esky, giving back to regional communities hit hardest by recent weather events.

Watch the new Canadian Club ad below:

Bad sweaters make Canadian Club the boss of winter

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