The Aussie suburbs that order the most beer

New data from drinks delivery service Jimmy Brings has revealed the Aussie cities and suburbs that are the most thirsty for a frothy one.

Taking the crown when it comes to the highest proportion of beer orders in Australia in 2022 was Geelong, making up 40.6% of drink sales in the area. Geelong was followed closely by Newcastle (39.7%) and Launceston (38.2%). 

As for their favourite style of beer, the most ordered category via the Jimmy Brings app was lager. And the bolter sub-category was ginger beer, with sales increased 27% in the last quarter of 2022 alone.

Head of Jimmy Brings Luke Calavassy said: “Australian drinking preferences constantly evolve and in recent years, we have seen this across the beer category. Our data is showing us that customers are more adventurous with their beer selections, and willing to try something new. There has been a lot of innovation across the beer category recently and we are seeing customers really get behind the new options available to them.

“Since expanding into Geelong in October 2022, we have seen their beer drinkers really enjoying the range of beers and service Jimmy offers. Currently, beer is making up 40.6% of our deliveries to Melbourne’s Southwest, and we expect this surge in beer popularity, particularly around ginger beer and fruity beer, to peak through summer and continue to perform strongly throughout the whole year.”

Top postcodes for beer orders across Australia

StateTop 5 postcodesMost popular beer category
NSW2026, 2000, 2031, 2010, 2017
Premium beer International
Queensland4006, 4101, 4051, 4218, 4170Mid-strength beer
Victoria3121, 3011, 3068, 3071, 3058Craft beer Australian
Western Australia6019, 6060, 6101, 6103, 6100Premium beer International
South Australia5000, 5085, 5067, 5082, 5115Premium beer International
Tasmania7250, 7000, 7009, 7008, 7011Full strength beer

Australia’s biggest selling beers for 2022

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