The top 40 whiskies of 2022

The Whisky List has crunched the numbers and pored over its data from the last 12 months to present Australia’s top whiskies for 2022. 

Among the fun facts:

•  10,456 whiskies were tracked across 75 online retailers

•  251,000 people visited the TWL website

•  16.9 million whiskies were viewed throughout the calendar year

•  On average, 67.8 whiskies were viewed per visitor

•  Our search engine clocked one whisky search every 1.8 seconds

When choosing the top 40 whiskies, it wasn’t just about the highest ratings. The Whisky List combined its data (searches, clicks, ratings, reviews, purchases) with the data from its partner retailers and The Whisky Show (via the show app). The end result is a weighted score for each brand and whisky, which has been collated into a few different lists to get an understanding of the top whiskies people are searching for, buying and lusting after.

And this year The Whisky List has added two new lists to focus on home-grown whiskies too, to dive deeper into the growing demand for quality Aussie whisky.

For the third year in a row, Scotch dominated the top spots with classics The GlenDronach, BenRiach and Ardbeg as front runners per previous years, However the big surprise this year was the heavily peated Ledaig, which took out the number one spot. For comparison, it ranked number 12 on the list for 2021. 

The average price of the top 40 whiskies was $180 vs $145 in 2021.

The Whisky List’s Top 40

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