Top 20 Australian whiskies of 2022

Australia’s largest online whisky store, The Whisky List, has crunched the numbers and pored over its data from the last 12 months to present the top 20 Australian whiskies for 2022. 

The Whisky List describes 2022 as a “whopper of a year” for the burgeoning Australian whisky scene, which celebrated its 30 year anniversary of modern distilling on local shores.

There are now more than 350 distilleries across the nation, with 100 of these with Australian whiskies currently available to buy. Tasmania has long been known for its strength in the Aussie scene with classics such as Hobart, Lark, Overeem and Sullivan’s Cove, but mainland Australia is returning the serve with stellar drams from Archie Rose, Iniquity, Starward and 5Nines ranking in the top 10.

When choosing the top 20 Australian whiskies, it wasn’t just about the highest ratings. The Whisky List combined its data (searches, clicks, ratings, reviews, purchases) with the data from partner retailers and The Whisky Show (via the show app). The end result is a weighted score for each brand and whisky, which has been collated into a few different lists to get an understanding of the top whiskies people are searching for, buying, and lusting after.

Taking the top gong in the inaugural Australian list was Hobart Whisky.

TWL co-founder Oliver Maruda said: ““Hobart Whisky have consistently proved their prowess in creating an award-winning range of Tasmanian single malt whiskies and liqueurs. John Jarvis and the Hobart team are making some of the tastiest craft Aussie whiskies around.”

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