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BRIX & Bourke St Bakery create limited edition rum

Sydney craft rum distiller BRIX has teamed up with Bourke Street Bakery to create a sustainable and limited edition spiced rum called Trail Mix w/ Bourke St Bakery.

The rum has been crafted and matured for three years in locally sourced American oak stout casks and is infused with banana bread, almond croissants, figs, lemon peels and pear skins; all biproducts from the Bourke Street Bakery kitchen. The addition of Allspice, peppermint gum and liquorice tie the flavours together.

“Brix has always been on a mission to showcase the versatility of Australian Rum and we absolutely love collaborating with amazing creators,” BRIX co-owner James Christopher said. 

“With Surry Hills being such an amazing mesh of community, creatives and hospitality we wanted to go straight to the OG’s of the neighbourhood and work on a delicious rum to pour in bars and backyards around Australia. We have been so proud to be a part of the Surry Hills community for five years now and teaming up with neighbourhood icons like the Bourke Street Bakery team, utilising the pastries, fruits and spices from their kitchen and creating a fantastic local rum has been an absolute pleasure. Cheers to that!” 

“If your neighbours came to you and said they wanted to make a rum infused with Bourke Street Bakery’s Banana Bread and Almond Croissants you’d say yes, wouldn’t you?” David McGuinness, Co-Owner of Bourke Street Bakery said.

“And so we did! And we couldn’t be happier with the result. Brix Distillers – our neighbours in Surry Hills – have made the most delicious Trail Mix Rum. Delicious, neat, over ice or with your favourite breakfast pastry. The flavours and aromas of our collaboration with Brix inspired us to create our version of the classic prune tart. Prunes are soaked overnight in Trail Mix rum and enveloped in rich vanilla custard and ensconced on our signature butter tart shell.” 

The BRIX Trail Mix w/ Bourke Street Bakery is available for purchase at $105 RRP, via BRIX online or from the Surry Hills Distillery. Head to to find out more. 

The Brix Trail Mix Prune Tart ($6) is available to purchase from all Bourke Street Bakery stores across Sydney. Head to to order online. 

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