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BentSpoke Brewing Co & Teeling’s St Patrick’s Day collab

Canberra’s BentSpoke Brewing Company has joined with Teeling Irish Whiskey to serve up the ultimate stout for St Patrick’s Day.

Taking inspiration from the famous Irish coffee cocktail, Brewers’ Share is a unique stout infused with whiskey and coffee beans, dosed with nitrogen to provide the creamy mouthfeel synonymous with Ireland’s flagship beer style.

BentSpoke imported 58 former Teeling Whiskey barrels direct from the distillery in Dublin and when they arrived in Canberra in August 2022, they were filled with a specially brewed Dry Irish Stout.

The beer was left to rest until February 2023, during which time it slowly soaked up the flavours of the whiskey and oak. Upon decanting, the barrel-aged beer was blended with fresh beer, more whiskey and coffee to arrive at a balanced 7% ABV stout that is guaranteed to bring the craic on March 17.

“I’m exceptionally happy with how this beer has turned out,” says BentSpoke founder Richard Watkins.

“The whiskey notes have come together really cohesively with the coffee and roasted malt characters, and the
creaminess from the nitro really brings it all together.”

Teeling Asia-Pacific Commercial Manager Martin Lynch said the distillery was delighted to have its imprint on a whiskey-
infused beer that can be enjoyed by all Australians.

“Barrel-aged beers are often very high in alcohol, which pushes up the cost and limits their appeal to a niche audience,” he said.

“The idea was to create a barrel-aged beer that was a little closer in style to an Irish stout and therefore more accessible in terms of price point and flavour profile.”

Just 1000 cases are available of Brewers’ Share, priced at $38.99 RRP for a 4-pack, or $98 bundled with a bottle of Teeling Small Batch, exclusively from Dan Murphy’s.

The beer is also on tap at BentSpoke Brewing Company in Canberra, and select beer venues across Australia.

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