Alex Boon finishes in top 3 at PATRÓN Perfectionists global final

Alex Boon from Pearl Diver Cocktails & Oysters in Melbourne has finished in the top three at the 2023 PATRÓN
Perfectionists at the global final event.

Mor Koral, founder of Cocktail Kitchen company in Tel Aviv, was crowned global winner of the 2023 PATRÓN
Perfectionists global final, which took place at Hacienda PATRÓN, Mexico, from 24-30 March.

This year’s PATRÓN Perfectionists global final event tasked the 15 global finalists with three challenges. The global champion, Mor Koral gained a consistently higher scoring across all the challenges and impressed the stellar line-up of international hospitality professionals who joined as judges and mentors over the global final event – Ivy Mix, LP O’Brien, Tara Fougner, Sandrae Lawrence, Haba Flores, chef Ana Martorell and previous PATRÓN Perfectionists global champions Giulia Cuccurullo and Australia’s Harrison Kenney.

Alex Boon won the second challenge – The Stories We Share – which asked participants to dig into the rich history of Mexico and find what resonated with them to create an inspiring PATRÓN Tequila cocktail encapsulating Mexican culture and based on PATRÓN Silver, Reposado or Añejo. Cocktail recipes and their stories were prepared and submitted in advance and then they presented in front of the judges.

Boon’s drink was inspired by an Aztec story of love. A take on Romeo and Juliet, written thousands of years before Shakespeare. It’s the story of two ancient volcanoes and Alex’s drink was centred around the relationship tequila has with them and the love and passion this story possesses.

Boon said: “I am so incredibly thankful to Patrón for having me at the Hacienda. I met so many talented bartenders from across the world who each brought something unique to the Global Finals. This year the talent was on another level and I’m proud to have won the second challenge and finished within the top three.”

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