Our favourite April Fools drinks jokes for 2023

According to Entrepreneur, April Fools Day “provides an exceptional chance for brands to connect with audiences in a fun and memorable way’.

This year a slew of drinks brands have given it their best shot. Here are some of the best April Fools pranks for 2023.

The Glenlivet encouraged Australians to rethink traditions around the single malt whisky category by announcing the release of a new format: The Goonlivet.

Pernod Ricard went all out and got Maybe Sammy in on the act. Venue Manager Sarah Proietti said: ”It’s a game changer. It’s so easy to make and serve cocktails, whilst The Goonlivet creates a new kind of theatre behind the bar – as it clearly stands out.”

Hard FIZZ finally hardens up

Hard FIZZ announced it was ditching seltzer and starting production on a new SKU – fizzy beer – so co-founder FISHER could drink with his mates again.

A media release revealed: “The brainstrust at the brand, in conjunction with the Grammy nominated DJ himself, have come to their bloody senses and realised real Australians drink brewskis and as a result, will release an unnecessarily bubbly lager called FIZZ Frothy.

“It comes after FISHER was booted from the boys’ group chat, where all good piss ups are organised, for inflicting seltzer on the great, beer drinking nation that is Australia.

“Hard FIZZ claims FIZZ Frothy only has 250 calories per can but rumour has it, there’s zero quality control at the joint so God knows what’s actually in it.”

Never Never Distilling launches oyster-shaped blimp

Never Never Distilling announced that to celebrate its Oyster Shell Gin landing in major retailers around the country, it was launching a million-dollar oyster-shaped blimp into the skies over Sydney this month. ⁠

The distillery noted on Instagram: “The custom-built, mollusc-shaped, helium-filled, bivalve-blimp also houses an expansive oyster bar complete with a mini martini foundation and the southern hemisphere’s first oyster tossing experience! Guests will be encouraged to sip on frozen martinis from the half shell before tossing it back over their shoulder into the bar in a ritual dubbed ‘shelling out’. ⁠

“The Oyster Blimp was designed and produced in Germany on a modest $1.3 million budget, and it was a tough purchase during lockdown that was only made possible by excited internet customers afraid of a global apocalypse.⁠”

4 Pines shifts the goal posts

4 Pines announced it was putting up pine tree goalposts at 4 Pines Park aka Brookvale Oval, home of the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles.

“Tune in all season long to watch the Trbojevic brothers climb a few branches to grab the footy,” the brewer said.⁠

De Bortoli creates instant wine

De Bortoli announced: “DIY wine with the click of your fingers! Make our new Woodfired Grenache whenever you want by simply opening the sachet, mix with water and enjoy. Available only on our online shop. Get in quick before they sell out!”

Liquor Loot launches Licker Loot

Liquor Loot announced it was introducing Licker Loot, a new line of pet-friendly tasting packs so spirit lovers could share a drink with their furry friends.

“Whether your fur babies like something sweet or savoury, we have a variety of flavours pawfect for all boopers,” the site noted.

“Now you can treat your best mates to a Puppacino Tasting Pack or a Bone Broth Tasting Pack, and pick up a Whisky Tasting Pack for yourself! We have delicious treats for all our hooman and four legged friends.”

Dill pickle cider, anyone?

Rekorderlig posted on social media: “So eye-wateringly delicious it’s beyond belief. Rekorderlig Dill-Pickle. Available… N O W H E R E.”

WhistlePig’s still in a grill

WhiskeyPig Whiskey and Traeger Grills announced they were releasing the world’s first Still in a Grill is here.

“This device lets you craft your tasty amber spirit in the comfort of your own backyard,” Traeger said. “Compatible with our new Ironwood® and Timberline® grills, this simple drop and distill system lets you Set-It & Forget-It® with WiFIRE® connectivity.”

“Entertain friends with a hearty measure of whiskey in everyone’s glass – there’s more than enough for another round when you use our Still in a Grill.”

Sailor Jerry gets into the cereal game

Sailor Jerry announced it was excited to launch Sailor’s Crunch, a unique cereal inspired by the popular Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum.

“Sailor’s Crunch features sweet marshmallow flash clusters with a hint of spice, delivering a flavorful experience that appeals to rum enthusiasts and cereal lovers alike,” the brand said.

“The cereal incorporates the brand’s namesake Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins’ trademark tattoo designs as sweet flash clusters. The taste is reminiscent of the spice found in every sip of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum.

“Sailor’s Crunch offers an innovative brand extension opportunity, potentially attracting new customers and boosting brand recognition. By diversifying its product offerings, Sailor Jerry can strengthen their market position and expand into unconventional categories, increasing overall revenue and growth.”

Muff munchers

Irish gin distillery Muff Liquor urged its fans to try Muff Munchers.

“We’re excited to introduce Muff Muncher crisps to our product range – we really know how to get the best out of the potato! If you can’t find Muff Munchers on the shelf, please ask a staff member for assistance,” the distiller suggested.

Launceston Distillery introduces the Jurassic Cask

Launceston Distillery announced on social media: “Working countless hours with the genius team at ɪɴɢᴇɴ on Isla Nublar we have managed to clone a long extinct Jurassic era Barley found in old amber gems from the mines of Costa Rica!

“We Spliced the DNA of this long extinct grain with DNA from frogs to fill the gaps and from this we managed to raise a crop of this very exciting Jurassic Barley. We then milled, mashed, distilled and barrel aged all onsite at Hangar 17 before going into bottle with this Jurassic dram!

“We could not have done this without the support of CEO John Hammond and scientist extraordinaire Dr Henry Wu. With these two icons at the helm 𝙬𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙘𝙤𝙪𝙡𝙙 𝙜𝙤 𝙬𝙧𝙤𝙣𝙜?!

“Available exclusively today only in the visitor centre of the newly launched dinosaur adventure park, Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar.

“Hurry and get there and secure yourself a bottle today, these will not last long at all!”

Whisky fans got so excited that the distillery had to add a disclaimer: “THIS IS AN April fools JOKE, PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE DISTILLERY WANTING TO BUY THIS PRODUCT.”

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