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Underground Spirits releases Coronation Gin

Underground Spirits Australia has launched its Limited Edition Coronation Gin in honour of the new King at this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show.

A King and Queen Consort impersonator visited the Underground Spirits Australia stand on Good Friday to enjoy a Coronation Gin, mingle with the crowds and watch the 4pm Grand Parade.

Underground Spirts Australia CEO Claudia Roughley said: “Our new gin is a tribute to the coronation of the new king and the rich cultural heritage of the Commonwealth. It represents every country where the king is the head of state, using meticulously blended botanicals that symbolise the essence of each nation.

“The sugar cane represents the importance of Antigua and Barbuda’s economy and culture, while wattle represents the resourcefulness and resilience of Australia.

“The sweet orange of Belize is a major agricultural product, while maple syrup represents Canada’s vast northern forests. Nutmeg is a highly valued spice in Grenada and a key ingredient in its national dish, and allspice is a staple in Jamaican cuisine and culture, fondly known as Jamaica pepper.

“Kiwi is a distinctive fruit from New Zealand that is highly valued for its unique flavour and nutritional content, while coffee is a major export for Papua New Guinea and is celebrated for its rich and complex flavour. Papaya is widely grown and consumed in Saint Kitts and Nevis, and tangerine thrives in the tropical climate of Saint Lucia.

“Rum is a beloved spirit that is widely produced and enjoyed in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, while hibiscus is a beautiful flower that symbolises the natural beauty and biodiversity of the Solomon Islands – it is, after all, their national flower. Coconut is a staple ingredient in the cuisine of Tuvalu and a symbol of its close ties to the sea.

“Finally, the Tudor rose from the United Kingdom represents its rich history and tradition, as well as unity and strength.”

The Coronation Gin will be available to taste and purchase at the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome throughout the show until 17 April 2023.

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