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McGuigan expands into mid-strength wine

McGuigan has launched its first mid-strength wine, McGuigan Black Label Mid, which is 20% lighter in both calories and alcohol.

Created using parent company Australian Vintage’s unique spinning cone technology, in a recent blind taste testing against the original, 80% of consumers were surprised at their preference for the new Mid over the classic full strength. Additionally, nine out of 10 said they’d consider buying the new McGuigan Black Label Mid for healthier consumption of alcohol.

Each bottle of McGuigan Black Label Mid, the winemakers has 5.8 standard drinks and 9.8% alcohol.

Australian Vintage Chief Marketing Officer Tom Dusseldorp said: “McGuigan Black Label has been a staple in Australian households for nearly 30 years and McGuigan has a rich heritage of winemaking credentials. As cultural and societal attitudes shift towards a more conscious consumption of alcohol, we want our customers to still be able to enjoy the full-bodied
flavours that Black Label offers, just tailored for mindful moderation.”

With consumer moderation driving category growth – mid-strength beer now accounts for 25% of the beer category – Australian Vintage anticipates wine to follow suit, with ‘lighter’ wine growing at 14% comparatively to total ‘wine’ which is growing at just 2%.

Research commissioned by partner DrinkWise Australia also found a third of Australians (37%) who have reduced their alcohol consumption are using low and non-alcoholic options to cut back.

Dusseldorp saidL “McGuigan has already seen great success adapting to the new societal norms, with McGuigan Zero fast becoming Australia and the UK’s number one selling no-alcohol wine range.

“McGuigan Black Label Mid is the natural choice for consumers who are looking for a modern drinking experience and for Boomers who are becoming more health conscious.”

Mid-strength wine is a winner for Australian Vintage

Australian Vintage is predicting impressive growth for its brands in 2023, led by its lighter and mid-strength wine ranges.

These include McGuigan Zero and Tempus Two’s Lighten Up, a 6.8% wine range aimed at Gen Z and Millennials.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sevenly by Invivo range, which offers 7% wines, is also distributed by Australian Vintage in Australia. On blind taste testing by Wine Orbit in New Zealand, the Sevenly Prosecco and Sevenly Sauvignon Blanc received 94 points and 93 points respectively when reviewed against other full strength wines.

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