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Brogan’s Way releases bottled Negroni cocktail range

Brogan’s Way is giving Negroni lovers the chance to experience its version of the cocktail from the comfort of their own home via a limited-release bottled cocktail range.

The range includes Brogan’s Way’s ready-made 500ml Double Barrel Aged Negroni (27.60% ABV) and Twice Aged Negroni (28.34% ABV).

For the latest releases in its series of bottled cocktails, Brogan’s Way decided to batch up its Negroni recipe for ageing, placing half in an ex-red wine barrel and the other half in an ex-bourbon barrel until each of them tasted just right. Once the desired flavour was achieved, the team then took the process a step further, blending the delicious liquids together to create the one-of-a-kind, Double Barrel Aged Negroni.

Not satisfied with just having the Double Barrel Aged Negroni, the Brogan’s Way team added a new twist to the concept, resulting in the creation of a Twice Aged Negroni. The cocktail is made by first batching up the Negroni mixture for ageing in a French oak barrel, to achieve the wood character of the flavour profile. The Brogan’s Way team then finishes the maturing process by transferring the batch to a re-coopered, ex-bourbon barrel for resting. During this part of the process, the liquid picks up vanilla notes and sweetness from the cask to create another tasty expression of this timeless cocktail.

The Negronis are ready to pour straight from the fridge, served with a wedge of pink grapefruit or an orange twist for added flare.

The Double Barrel Aged Negroni (27.60% ABV) 500ml has an RRP of $74. The Double Barrel Twice Aged Negroni (28.34% ABV) 500ml has an RRP of $78

The limited-release bottled Negroni cocktails are available to purchase online and at Brogan’s Way Distillery & Cocktail Bar in Richmond, Victoria.

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