Adelaide pub apologises for bra-size drinks promo

Adelaide pub The Woolshed has apologised after posting a Facebook promotion that offered free drinks to patrons based on their bra size.

The venue suggested patrons to take their bras off in exchange for free drinks. It offered one, two or three free drinks based on whether patrons wore A, B or C cup bras.

The post, which has since been taken down, has made headlines around the world.

A statement on Facebook said: “We sincerely apologise for the fact that the post made some of our patrons feel uncomfortable and body-shamed as this was never our intention.

“Moving forward senior management will be reviewing all promotional activity to ensure that it creates an inclusive environment for all our patrons.

“Your feedback is valued and helps us to create the environment that both your staff and patrons love so suggestions are most welcome.”

Among the negative comments the post attracted were: “Do you even work as a team to discuss what actually looks good for your business before letting stuff like this get posted?”

Another wrote: “It’s very clearly a terrible idea. Doesn’t take much thinking to work that out.”

“Whoever was in charge of promos needs to be fired’, a third wrote, ‘there’s loads of promo ideas that work but aren’t gonna upset customers.”

“We’ve just set the female gender back several decades,” another person said.

However, some followers were supportive.

“Well, I thought it was absolutely hilarious, I laughed so hard!” said one woman.

Another wrote: “People don’t have anything else better to do than complain, it was a good idea and I had a good laugh! Would of been a deadly event.” 

The Woolshed is no stranger to controversy, with two previous social media promotions deemed by the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code Scheme (ABAC) to have breached ‘community standards regarding responsible alcohol use’.

A promotional post in 2019 read ‘I don’t really like tequila, but one shot won’t hurt’, followed by the text ‘three hours later’ and the video of a child dancing.

Another post offered patrons the chance to win a $150 drinks voucher by tagging ‘someone who can relate to the struggles of a Sunday hangover’, accompanied with a graphic that read: ‘I think I sprained my liver’.

ABAC said the two posts breached standards due to children featuring in alcohol-related marketing and for encouraging binge drinking.

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