Legendary pub falls victim to cost-of-living crisis

A Sydney pub made famous by Slim Dusty’s song “Duncan” has been forced to close its doors due to cost-of-living pressures, noise complaints from neighbours and a landlord dispute.

The legendary Town and Country Hotel in St Peters is shutting following 142 years of operation. It was made famous in the 1980s when Australian singer-songwriter Slim Dusty sang in his hit song: “We drink at the Town and Country. Where the atmosphere is great. I love to have a beer with Duncan, ’Cause Duncan’s me mate.”

The pub also featured in the song’s music video. Slim Dusty is pictured with Duncan below.

In a statement on its Facebook page, its owners said: “To our loyal customers who have become friends … We’ve made many attempts to work harmoniously and reasonably with our landlord on building repairs, continuous complaints from neighbours and also our rent, resulting in an unsuccessful mediation.

“We are devastated at this outcome and we’d like to extend our thanks to you for sticking by us for the last six years. We’ve overcome many challenges including license issues, WestConnex roadworks, our cellar flooding and of course, Covid.

“We worked our way through it all and we would’ve loved to continue to bring life to the Inner West, however we are now unable to do so.”

“Slim Dusty would be appalled”

NSW Night-time Economy and Music Minister John Graham said it was disappointing that NSW had lost another of its live music venues, with half gone in the last decade.

“Slim Dusty would be appalled,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

“Live music is one of the reasons the atmosphere has been great at the Town and Country over years and decades. Any decision on its future rests with the owners, but the NSW Government are here to help ensure live acts continue to play there.”

The pub’s patrons also expressed their disappointment that it had closed.

“So sad about this. You have all done a wonderful job and were very lovely to talk to when I came to eat lunch,” one said.

“The T & C has been open for years and hopefully, somehow will continue. I hope you will all find other employment soon. Bloody cruel.”

“Thank you for supporting live music, providing a fantastic venue for us, and just ‘being’ the T and C over the years,” a former performer at the pub said.

“The memory of your pub will be forever embedded in our memories. Best of luck for whatever the future holds for you. You were ‘simply the best’.”

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