Cost of living pressures close Grenfell pub

A pub in the regional NSW town of Grenfell has been forced to close its doors after 107 years due to cost-of-living pressures including another beer excise rise.

Built in 1914, the iconic Railway Hotel in Grenfell in the NSW Central West region, held last drinks on August 7.

Publican Moe Reynolds and his partner Cailin Piper reluctantly announced on the weekend the venue would be closing indefinitely.

“As you are aware, the price of everything is on the up, insurance, power, stock, just to mention a few,” Moe and Cailin said on social media.

“The current environment for small business, actually life in general, is very tough at the moment, and looks to be getting tougher.

“So, to combat being beaten by souring operational costs, in a business that is tough at best, we will cease trading.”

Piper told Today Extra that the rising beer excise had also played a role. The price of beer went up another 2.2 per cent on August 1, which, combined with previous hikes equals a 10 percent jump since the start of 2022, means Australia is the third-highest beer taxing country in the world, behind Finland and Norway.

“It’s not just us, it’s pubs everywhere,” Piper said. “Socially things have changed. People just can’t afford to spend that kind of money on beer. We have to re-invent the country pub.”

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