Is this Australia’s best value malt whisky?

Archie Rose Distilling Co. has launched an Australian Double Malt Whisky that aims to deliver amazing quality at an accessible price.

The whisky is the third release in its Fundamental Spirits range and is crafted from a blend of the rye and barley malts that underpin Archie Rose Single Malt Whisky (eight-time winner of Australia’s Best Single Malt) and Rye Malt Whisky (four-time winner of World’s Best Rye).

As one of the first all-malt Australian whiskies available at a sub $85 price tag, each batch is made at the Archie Rose Distillery in Botany, Sydney using a solera system, where, over time, the rye and barley whiskies are married together to create a more approachable new style of local whisky that gives people the opportunity to switch to a 100% Australian-made whisky instead of blended Scotch, bourbon or rye whiskies.

The rye and barley malts behind the whisky are distilled in traditional copper pot stills, then matured in Australian apera, sherry, bourbon, and virgin American oak casks. Double Malt Whisky highlights the fruitiness of malted rye; complemented by the rich aromas of the apera casks; vanilla from the American oak and finally, the sweetness of local malted barley.

Founder of Archie Rose Will Edwards said: “The launch of Double Malt Whisky is the culmination of almost a decade of work and is a milestone we are incredibly proud of – one which should start to see Australian whisky finally take its place in the speed rails of Australia’s best venues.

“The support from trade has been incredible, and shows the overwhelming desire for locally produced whisky, now beginning to free itself from the constraints of price point and supply availability.”

Master Distiller Dave Withers (below) said: “Our goal with Double Malt Whisky was to create a premium and affordable whisky that could be used in place of bourbon, rye or blended Scotch whisky, while also giving whisky drinkers the option to switch to an all-malt, local whisky for the first time.”

Drinks Digest sampled the whisky at a recent masterclass and can confirm it is bold enough to stand up in mixed drinks and cocktails, but complex and smooth enough to sip on its own.

The whisky has hints of apricot jam on toasted rye bread, along with the flavour of roasted nuts and honeyed chocolate notes on the finish.

The signature cocktail serve is a highball, recipe below, but it also makes a delicious Old Fashioned.

30ml Archie Rose Double Malt Whisky 

90ml Strangelove Salted Grapefruit Soda 

Barspoon (5ml) of honey water (1:1 honey to water) 

METHOD: Build in a highball over ice. Garnish with a grapefruit half wheel 

From October, the Fundamental Spirits range will also consist of a new line-up of two whisky pre-mix RTD’s featuring Double Malt Whisky, four new gin and vodka pre-mix RTD’s featuring Straight Dry Gin and True Cut Vodka and a range of new ready-to-pour Bottled Cocktails.

The whisky is available to purchase at the Archie Rose Bar & Cellar Door, via and from bars and bottle shops around Australia. It has an RRP of $85.

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