Carlsberg Group terminates license agreements in Russia

Carlsberg Group has terminated its license agreements with Baltika Breweries in Russia, rescinding its right to produce, market and sell all Carlsberg Group products, including international and regional brands.

The decision is in response to a presidential decree issued on 16 July 2023 that temporarily transferring management of Baltika to the Russian authorities.

The signing of the presidential decree meant Carlsberg Group no longer retained control of the management or operations of Baltika Breweries.

The change to the management of Baltika Breweries was made without the knowledge or approval by Carlsberg Group.  

There will be a limited run-off period of Carlsberg Group products stretching to 1 April 2024, where already existing stock and materials can be used up by Baltika.

“We have now concluded that we currently see no path to a negotiated solution for exiting Russia,” Carlsberg said in a statement.

“We refuse to be forced into a deal on unacceptable terms, justifying the illegitimate takeover of our business in Russia. We are continuing to take all possible actions, including legal, to protect our employees, assets and operations.

“It is unclear, what formally will be the next steps in relation to Baltika. As Carlsberg Group, we retain title to the shares in the company while the temporary management is transferred to the Russian state. What the Russian state chooses to do under these circumstances is not clear.

“As a result, we will fully impair the value of our business in Russia. Impairment will be recognised in other comprehensive income in the full year accounts, not impacting the income statement.”

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