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Australia’s most popular on-premise beers

It’s National Beer Day on April 7 and me&u has revealed which Aussie states are drinking the most beer, as well as naming the most popular brews in the on-premise.

According to the hospitality technology company, which has an over 80% market share of Australia’s top pub groups, Great Northern Super Crisp is proving to be the most popular across the country, taking out the number one spot in the ACT and the Northern Territory, while coming in second place in Queensland and third in South Australia for the most purchased beverage.

The results come as beer preferences in Australia drastically shifting – 30% of sales are now low-, mid- and zero-strength beers. Great Northern Super Crisp is the No. 1 selling beer in Australia, followed by VB, Lion’s XXXX Gold, Carlton Dry and the original Great Northern.

Great Northern Zero has also become the No. 1 beer in the zero alcohol beer market.

“Moderation in beverages is the big trend,” the Oceania head of Asahi Robert Iervasi told BOSS this week. “People are still enjoying a drink but are a lot more discerning in what they will consume, whether it’s a more premium product, or something better for them, they are thinking about how to enjoy their beverages in moderation.”

According to me&u, Balter XPA stands out in second spot in NSW on-premise venues and third in Victoria. And, no surprises here, but Queensland brewed XXXX Gold ranked in the top three in Queensland as the tried and tested favourite.

There is a clear divide when it comes to lager or pale ale, with half the country opting for a lager (NSW, Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria) and the other half preferring a pale ale (ACT, Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia).

The ACT has also seen the largest increase in beers sales YOY at a whopping +19%, followed by NSW at 10%, Western Australia at 8% and Queensland at 7%.

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