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Brix releases limited-edition Sydney-aged rum 

Sydney distillery Brix is launching its first ever, limited-edition aged rum – Select Cask Series – Stout Barrel Release – with only 580 bottles up for grabs.

The rum delivers tasting notes including peach, apricot, cherry, rose, honey, almonds, vanilla, toasted Marshmallows, crème brulee, dark chocolate, coffee, cut grass, bean sprouts and an umami note of salty white miso.

The release coincides with National Rum Day on 16 August and the team at Brix are encouraging Australian rum enthusiasts to raise a toast and join them to celebrate this super-premium small-batch rum.

The craft distillery, based in Surry Hills, Sydney, is encouraging customers to eschew big brands and instead try local producers who are producing premium small batch liquors.

Head of Operations and Collaborations James Christopher said: “We are excited to be at the forefront of the rum resurgence in Australia with this new release. We are excited to finally be able to release our rum to the craft spirit loving community. We want to encourage people to savour this rum neat or on the rocks to taste the delicate fruity flavours and super smooth drinking profile.”

Brix has sourced the best quality Australian molasses, fresh organic sugar cane for the new release, which has been created in Australian made copper still and superior Australian beer, wine and spirit barrels.

Brix first utilised ex-bourbon barrels, in which the bourbon stains the wood. The barrels were then sent to local stout brewery – Stockade Brewery- to infuse influence from its Imperial Stout, after which they were filled with Brix unaged spirit and left to rest for a number of years.

“In this city, rum made history, and now we’re making rum,” Christopher said.

Rum production first started in the 19th century in Sydney, however, Brix said it is now in the beginning of a full revival in Australia, with quality leading the way.

Select Cask Series – Stout Barrel Release is available Australia-wide in select bottle shops and bars as well as online and on-site at the distillery.

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