The Everleigh’s cocktail book club returns

The Everleigh’s Classic Cocktail Book Club has been revived at the famed bar in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Founded in 2014 by The Everleigh’s owners Michael and Zara Madrusan, the intimate and unique event hosted in the Elk Room had a loyal and dedicated following when monthly sessions were run through 2014 and 2015.

In a (delayed) celebration of The Everleigh’s 10th year (now 11!), the stories and drinks of a time gone by are coming back to life in this gorgeous bar once again.

“I was fascinated with Michael’s impressive collection of classic cocktail books and expert insight into the characters and drinks that shaped the history of mixed drinks,” said Zara Madrusan.

“After much encouragement, I persuaded him to invite Everleigh regulars back in time, diving deep into the books, figures and drinks that defined, and continue to have significant influence on cocktail culture.”

For the third edition, taking place on 27 September 2022, The Everleigh’s Venue Manager Katya Owens will lead the discussion on the people, events and drinks that defined a moment in time.

She will travel back to 1892, where cocktails and their history will be explored as depicted by William Schmidt in his book “The Flowing Bowl — What and When to Drink”.

While discussing the text, guests are introduced to five favourite cocktails from the book that will be served throughout the evening. An intimate event of conversation and exploration – guests are welcomed to join the discussion and raise any questions or comments at any time as the evening unfolds.

Bombay Sapphire is supporting the monthly initiative, which aims to share cocktail knowledge with industry leaders along with the next generation of bartenders.

Brand Ambassador Corina Retter said: “I look forward to a night where knowledge and debauchery combine.”

Tickets are $65 and include five cocktails and light fare. The event will run for two hours and The Everleigh will welcome guests for further drinks and discussion to follow.

Click here to secure your spot for the third volume of The Classic Cocktail Book Club.

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