TWE bounces back in China

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) is buoyant about its future in China after a difficult two years due to COVID-19 and prohibitive taxes placed on Australian winemakers.

TWE has just released a new Chinese-made version of Penfolds, which is priced at $50 per bottle and includes a QR code on the back label with 24 animated emojis that people can use on social media messages.

The first wine under the One by Penfolds banner has been made by Penfolds winemaker Matt Woo in China with grapes sourced from the 2020 grape harvest in the Ningxia region.

It forms a key part of TWE’s strategy to rebuild its export market following the Chinese government imposing prohibitive tariffs of up to 175.6 per cent on Australian wine producers.

In addition to the One by Penfolds Red Blend China (Ningxia) 2020, the new range also includes One by Penfolds Red Blend California 2020, One by Penfolds Vin Rouge France 2020, and One by Penfolds Grenache Syrah Mourvèdre France 2020.

“Penfolds winemakers worked alongside our dedicated teams in France, America and China to create fruit forward, medium-bodied, vibrant and aromatic wines from each region”, said Woo.

“Expressive varietal characters carry a medium tannic structure, silky and integrated. The wines are approachable and ready to drink.”

The distinctive label designs feature illustrations by renowned artist Ori Toor, who creatively captures the essence of the local communities of each winemaking region for One by Penfolds. The 2020 One by Penfolds Red Blend China (Ningxia) is now available exclusively in China, via the Penfolds flagship online store and other e-commerce platforms.    

Penfolds managing director Tom King told the Australian Financial Review: “The demand at consumer level for Penfolds wine, whether that’s from China, the US or France, is significantly ahead of the supply we’ve got available. And that’s testament to the strength of the brand.”

TWE partners with China Agricultural University

To commemorate the launch of Penfolds inaugural wine made in China, the winemaker has announced a new partnership with China Agricultural University.

The One by Penfolds student fund includes academic and cultural exchange to support students in viticultural and winemaking courses.

Dean of the University’s College of Horticulture Tianhong Li said: “As a university with a global mindset, we welcome continued collaborations, such as this partnership with Penfolds, that take a long-term approach to empowering the local winemaking community and incubating talent for the China wine industry.”

King said: “One by Penfolds is about much more than the wine itself. It is inspired by culture, collaboration, empowerment and giving back to the community.”

Pictured from left: Penfolds General Manager Sales, Greater China Mingfeng (Jack) Wu and Penfolds Marketing Director, Greater China Christy Yao with representatives of the China Agricultural University.

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