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Bundaberg launches alcoholic Lemon Lime & Bitters

Bundaberg Alcoholic Lemon Lime & Bitters is the latest Aussie pub favourite to arrive on shelves in RTD format.

The drink brings lemon and lime together with local Queensland cane spirit and aromatic bitters.

Much like Bundy and its fellow Queensland classic XXXX, Lemon Lime & Bitters is an Aussie classic with a long history.

Back in the 1840s, sailors mixed Angostura bitters with their gin rations to make pink gin. Back on dry land, a non-alcoholic alternative became popular, made with lemonade and bitters.

According to ABC News by the early part of the 20th century, lemonade and bitters was so commonplace, it was even being used as a remedy for car sickness. And at some point an ingenious Aussie decided to add lime to the mix.

More than 100 million lemon, lime and bitters are served in Australia every year. And now Bundy has added alcohol back into the mix!

Bundaberg Alcoholic Lemon Lime & Bitters is available now to purchase from all leading liquor stores across Australia. The 375ml pre-mixed 4-pack (ABV 4%) is $24 (RRP).

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