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Matilda Bay releases Hazy Lager

Matilda Bay’s latest release is the new Hazy Lager, brewed with 100% Australian malts including rice to create a modern beer with a crisp freshness that combines with a subtle hop bitterness.

“Using rice in craft beer isn’t overly common in Australia, but with its thirst-quenching qualities, it suits our warm climate down to the ground,” said Matilda Bay head brewer Harry Sexton.

Along with malted barley and a touch of wheat for haze, the beer uses Australian rolled rice in the mash, which Sexton said “brings a smooth mouthfeel and freshness to the palate that builds on what barley or wheat could deliver alone.”

“The launch of Hazy Lager marks an exciting new chapter for Matilda Bay,” Sexton said. “Over the years, Matilda Bay has focussed on creating classic beers true to style, and Hazy Lager represents a reimagining of modern craft lagers for punters, it’s approachable and has wide appeal.

“It’s at home in the hands of all beer lovers; whether they’re new to the world of craft beer, or a craft beer enthusiast. Hazy Lager is the perfect beer for people who are looking for a quality easy-drinking beer, but one still brewed by hand and with love.”

Craft lagers are continuing to gain momentum in Australia as one of the fastest growing styles within the craft category, and as sales of lower bitterness beers and easier-drinking styles continue to shape the beer landscape.

Matilda Bay Hazy Lager is available now on tap at Australian bars and in cans at leading retailers.

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