Australia’s smallest cocktail bar is coming

Australia’s smallest cocktail bar – Tiny Tails – is popping up in Melbourne and Sydney in the coming weeks.

The Tiny Tails Bar will be at Melbourne’s Federation Square from 27-29 April and Sydney’s Campbell’s Cove from 4-6 May. The bespoke bar, with just enough room for the bartender and a guest, will see some of the country’s best-loved TV personalities, athletes, comedians and entertainers shake things up as guest bartenders. 

Melbourne’s celebrity bartenders will include Love Island fan favourites and Where’s Your Head At podcast hosts Anna McEvoy and Matt Zukowski, Australia’s favourite American AFL star Mason Cox and MasterChef favourite Conor Curran, with Sydney names still to be announced. 

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The bars will showcasing Bacardi’s TAILS COCKTAILS’ range of ready-to-serve cocktails, each celebrity bartender will have just 60 seconds –  the tiny amount of time it takes to make two TAILS COCKTAILS – to create and garnish the perfect pour for 60 guests each night, who will each get to enjoy a drink opposite their favourite star.

It will literally be ‘first come, first served’ for the visitors invited into the space each evening. Once they’re inside, they’ll get the VIP treatment from the special guest bartender, with the opportunity to ask questions, take photos, be serenaded or simply share a story for socials as their cocktail of choice is prepared.

“TAILS Cocktails launched in Australia in May 2022 and is now the number one premium pre-batched cocktail brand in the country,” said Donna Mulholland, Marketing Director for Bacardi-Martini Australia.

“As living expenses rise, there has been a significant shift to home entertaining, with 35% of consumers stipulating they expect to entertain at home more often this year. TAILS Cocktails have been created to help us overcome the barriers — time, equipment, ingredients — of making bar-quality cocktails from scratch, and requires only the tiniest amount of effort. We’ve created the Tiny Tails Bar and Lounge to demonstrate to consumers just how quick, simple and delicious it really can be.”

Each cocktail has a top-shelf spirit at its heart: the Whisky Sour features DEWAR’S® Blended Scotch whisky; the Gin Gimlet uses BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® gin; and the ‘Espresso and Passionfruit Martini’ is fuelled by 42BELOW® vodka .

Outside the inner sanctum of TINY TAILS BAR, and open to the wider public, the Main Lounge – a space that replicates a stylish ‘at home’ setting  –  will be serving thousands of FREE TAILS COCKTAILS each and every day of the pop-up. Punters can perch at the plush designer lounge or sit back and sip on their favourite cocktail as the sun sets over the city. 

For those unable to make it to Melbourne or Sydney’s star-studded TINY TAILS BARs, the full range of TAILS COCKTAILS is now available in leading specialist liquor stores across Australia including: Dan Murphy’s, First Choice Liquor, Liquorland and BWS.

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