Diageo is bringing on-tap cocktails to a pub near you

Diageo is preparing to introduce cocktails on tap at pubs around Australia, using a system developed over two years.

Diageo Australia Managing Director Angus McPherson told the Australian Financial Review the innovation aims to alleviate the issues arising from staffing shortages in the hospitality industry.

Getting quality cocktails right has been a challenge for many bars in recent years, with many factors playing a part, including staff training and large guest numbers.

“You will not be able to differentiate between one made by hand,” McPherson said. “This will help unlock the blockage [at bars].”

Currently two are being tested at the Diageo Sydney office’s in-house bar, made from Smirnoff vodka, including a passionfruit-flavoured martini.

Diageo launched a Draught Cocktail innovation in 2020 in the UK that delivers high-quality serves in under 10 seconds – capable of making six cocktails in the same time it can take to make one by hand. Research showed that consumers have taken positively to them, with 84% of consumers who have purchased Draught Cocktails stating that they are likely to order them again.

Among the spirits that have been successfully introduced to the on-premise in draught cocktail form have been Smirnoff, Gordon’s and Captain Morgan – three of the top five spirits in the UK.

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